What We Do

Hops & Shots partner with smaller independent UK breweries who produce very delicious and unique craft ales, beers, and ciders, often hard to find through normal retail channels. Our state-of-the-art bottling and packaging manufacturing facility allows the beer to come directly from the production line, packaged, and delivered directly to the door of the consumer.

Our relationship with the breweries allows us to adopt a streamlined process on how the beer is traditionally packed and distributed. We are able to remove 40% of the transportation costs and environmental impact from this process, eliminating the need for the packaged beer to return to the brewery, sent to various distribution hubs, and on to the retailer. This results in generating greater revenue for our brewery partners than they would ordinarily receive from their mainstream customers.

We also help many of our brewery partners distribute their beers to “out of area” customers through our fulfillment warehouse, helping them drive sales that they would ordinarily have lost.

Put simply, the consumer is able to get freshest beer, from multiple independent brewers up and down the country, directly to their door.