Our Ethos

The freshest beer at the fairest price


Our Packaging partner packs beer into bottles or cans for large brewers, which is destined for top retailers who stringently check their quality and control standards.

They also pack beer for small craft brewers, who want the same high-quality packing at a fair price. As these beers come off the packing lines, some go onto pallets for the brewer, but we also save some for YOU to buy on-line.


You will never get fresher beer!

Now what if we were able to streamline the production and distribution side of things? That would mean we could charge less for the beer! Well yes, but what if we passed the savings back to the brewers so they deservedly make more from their craft than they currently do. Oh and while we're at it we will also reduce the price for you. Obviously, everyone's a winner!

You win, we win, the brewers win... We believe there's nothing better than a fresh glass of beer! But they all come at a cost, the cost you pay, the cost the distributor pays and the cost for production. At the end of the day that's how these things work.

We will bring you new, exciting, fresh, “difficult to find” beers from around the UK.

And don’t forget that, because we work so closely with all the brewers in this process, we are able to give you the freshest beer delivered straight to your door.


Better for the environment

Our relationship with the breweries allows for a streamlined process on how the beer is packed and distributed. Let's look at a typical example where a brewery is based in Scotland with a purchase from a customer in Norwich.

Typical Brewery to Customer Process
Our example beer is brewed is Edinburgh and sent to the packager for processing, once packaged it is returned to the brewery. From here it is then sent to a major retailer distribution centre then on to a regional hub. A local service then delivers the beer to a retailer in Norwich where the customer travels to and purchases the bottles to take home. 

Hops and Shots to Customer Process
Once again the beer is brewed in Scotland/Edinburgh and sent to the packager for processing, it is this stage where we make the environmental difference. The beer is distributed directly to the customer without the need to return it to the brewery removing a large chunk of the mileage. The order is sent to a local courier distribution centre then on to a regional hub where it is sent to Norwich. A local service then delivers direct to the customer's home.

This is a huge saving of over 40% in miles travelled and CO2 emissions.
Now just imagine the logistical and environmental benefits of ordering one of our Mixed Cases of 12 beers, this involves 12 different breweries located throughout the UK.

That has to be better for the environment!