River Cottage RyePA Case x12 - Stroud Brewery

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Pale Ale
Stroud Brewery

Product Overview

River Cottage RyePA (Pale Ale) Case x12   
A modern, rich amber ale with rye.

Our Rye PA is a modern take on the classic amber ale, made from organic Rye and malted in the West Country. We use Azacca™ + Citra Hops for a big floral aroma.

Hops: Azacca™ Citra and Sovereign.

Taste: A fantastically full-bodied dry pale ale with a balanced biscuity taste and big floral aromas. Bright and refreshing especially when chilled.

Ingredients: Water, organic BARLEY malt, organic RYE malt, organic WHEAT malt & organic hops. Pale Malt, Wheat Malt, Crystal Malt, Rye malt, Muncih malt.

Like River Cottage we are huge advocates of good farming and good produce. Hugh and his team have been giving millions of TV viewers a taste for great cooking since 1999, when Hugh first brought his famous food ethos to Channel 4. Their hard-hitting campaigns have changed the eating habits of the nation and improved animal welfare and food sustainability.

Our values heavily align with River Cottage, we believe food should be grown, cooked and eaten in ways that enhance people’s lives and increase their well-being. We are also working hard to connect people more closely with natural, sustainable and ethical sources of food, so to be selected for this venture with River Cottage is a real highlight of this work.

About the Brewery

Stroud Brewery began in 2006, renting a small unit in Thrupp, on the edge of Stroud, a vibrant Cotswold town. Greg Pilley set out with a vision to brew delicious beer with integrity - a thriving enterprise that would support the community, the environment and other local businesses.

We now produce a broad range of organic beers in cask, keg, bottles and cans, sold across the UK and with growing interest from overseas. We have brewed some amazing beers, and won some great awards to prove it.


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