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Pillars Brewery

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Rebell Helles Lager Case x12      

The rebellious second child in a family of misfits and deviants.

Rebell Helles is our modern twist on a classic Helles style beer.

This award-winning modern lager is a malty maverick with a riot of golden, full-bodied flavour. The traditional Helles base plays host to New World hops, producing a mellow beer with a malty body and sweet finish.

Wash away the taste of sub-standard corporate booze with this 4.8% easy drinker. Rebell Helles is the protest lager you want and need. Abandon convention.

Be a Rebell.

Hops: Centennial, Citra.
Taste: Sweet, Malty, Full-Bodied.

About the Brewery


Pillars Brewery began like all craft breweries ought to: in a garden shed belonging to a long-suffering Mum (thanks Mrs Razaq!). We wanted to prove that a craft lager could be as tasty as its ale counterparts, and so re-inventing lager became our first mission. After years of experiments, like a Pinky and Brain tribute act, we succeeded in developing a radical new lager recipe and swiftly set up shop in Walthamstow.

Innovation and quality is at the heart of what we do. Pillars Brewery will keep on creating untraditional, groundbreaking craft lagers whilst maintaining the integrity of traditional beer making principles. We like to think of ourselves as brave Knights of the Lager Realm. Loyal Protectors of Hoppy Honour. Pioneering Alchemists of Craft Beer perfection. Okay, okay we’ll cut the bullshit. We’re just four blokes who developed a cracking lager.

Lager is complex to brew and a hugely under-rated beer. Most of the mainstream UK lagers are tasteless, boring and, according to the Barvarian Beer Purity law, can’t even be classified as beer. We want to challenge the negative preconceptions of lager and create REAL lagers that craft beer drinkers can really appreciate. We believe craft lager is for everyone; from craft beer aficionados to your Nan’s weekly half a pint during bingo. This bad rep is exactly what we hope to smash by pushing the boundaries of a beer style that has been neglected for centuries.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review