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Campervan Brewery
Barley Wine

Product Overview

Lost in Leith Barrel Aged Barley Wine  

This 9.7% ABV English Barley Wine aged for 3 months in two different bourbon barrels giving it dried fruit esters, sweet toffee and burnt caramel malt flavours. The unique taste is complemented by subtle aroma of vanilla, coconut and oak notes. 

Taste: Dried fruit esters, sweet toffee and burnt caramel malt flavour.


About the Brewery

Ever felt life is far too short to stay on a road you really didn’t choose? It’s a question I’ve pondered often.

My enlightenment came in the form of family illness.

We had a fairly normal life, married with two kids and were following the 9-5 corporate roller coaster; living for the weekend and those occasional trips away. Then in true tsunami style, life was turned on its head never to be the same again.

My wife and young daughter both required major surgery, which resulted in me taking a six-month career break to look after them. It was a tough time! However, as in many adverse situations it offered an opportunity to reflect on life, to decide on the most important things and to choose the road I wanted to follow.

During those difficult months my respite came in the form of brewing beer. I’d always been a keen home brewer and beer fanatic so I decided to take my passion to the next level. I started brewing in my garage at every opportunity and read every piece of beer and brewing literature I could get my hands on – I loved it! The seed was planted and the journey began.

Over time I perfected my brewing techniques, gained as much commercial experience as possible, attended courses throughout the country and dreamt up the idea of The Campervan Brewery.

This time, I was in control. Conformity wasn’t an option and life was going to be loved, not just lived.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review