For The Trade

Wholesale Fresh Beer Served To The Trade

We are in a unique position in the market place as we control the packaging of craft beer for our brewery partners from all around the United Kingdom, meaning we can offer freshly bottled or canned beer to trade customers.

We can provide our beer in either bottles, cans, kegs, or a mixture of each. 

So whether you are an independent pub, bar, restaurant, hotel, bottle shop, off-licence, or events company, if you want the finest, freshest, quality craft beer for your customers, we could help you.

Traditionally, small breweries concentrate on their local trade customers, and don't have the appetite or infrastructure to sell "out of area". Because we have large and varied stock of many craft beers, we have the ability to cater for smaller volumes to the trade and have these beers stocked in their outlets. 

We can provide an appealing variation of selected beers from specialist breweries enabling you to offer some unique products, whilst also supporting small independent breweries.

YOUR BRAND - OUR BEER White Label for events or special occasions

Should you have the need to "white label" beer for an event, a brand, or similar, our relationships with the breweries enable us to source the finest quality liquid, design the labels and packaging for you, and assist with distribution and sales. This can either be through traditional outlets, and/or via an online platform utilising our state-of-the-art fulfilment and nationwide distribution facility in Lancashire. The liquid can be packaged into cask or keg for pubs and bars, or a mixture of bottles or cans for the direct to consumer market.

For any wholesale enquiries, please contact our Commercial Director Tony Greenwood by emailing or phone 07713 745072